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3 County Cleaning Springfield has proven its reputation as one of the finest cleaning contractors in Springfield MA. The company is proud of its hundreds of satisfied customers among the business and homeowners in the area. If you have used our cleaning services, do not hesitate to leave your feedback!

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by Wendy Kaufman on 3 County Cleaning Springfield
what a team!

Thanks you holly and crew for an amazing clean up! Not only was I impressed by your quick response to my initial call...but completely impressed that you put a team together to come in this past Saturday! I needed total help with a huge dust problem. With all the dusting vacuuming rafter cleaning that went on..I could feel the house getting clean. I am so grateful to you and the gang and look forward to seeing you all this next April for a spring cleaning. You have a new customer for life!Xoxo Wendy

When it comes to cleaning service, your company is the perfect example. Correct and precise every time. Thanks for your wonderful job. See you next week.

Cleaning service as no other

I've tried all cleaning services on the market, believe me.3 County Cleaning Springfield are the finest, so far. I just want to tell everyone that this company is really correct and provides quality cleaning service.

Thank you for your house cleaning service!

I have a kid with allergies and I truly needed someone to clean the house for me. Only your company performs the house cleaning service, I need. Thank you so much for everything you did, so far. See you next week for your regular visit.

by Will Thompson on 3 County Cleaning Springfield
Amazing house cleaning!

Your company provides the best house cleaning in Springfield. I have used the services of other companies, so I can say for sure. Your cleaners work fast and efficient, like no others. Thank you for your wonderful house cleaning. See you next week.

The best commercial cleaning so far!

I own a small business in Springfield. For years I have trouble finding a reliable commercial cleaning company. I want to thank everyone at Tri County Cleaning Service. You are the best commercial cleaners!

Impeccable cleaning service!

I am truly happy from my decision to choosing your company. Now, I am completely satisfied by the cleaning service. I have been your client for more than a year, now. Your cleaning service is the best, I have received until today. Thank you and see you next week.

Thank you for keeping my employees healthy and safe from any bacterial infections for all this time. It has been a pleasure working with you over the last 2 years and I’ll be happy to book you to clean our new office when we relocate in July. I’ll keep you posted once I learn the exact date! Regards!

Before you, I have worked with one middle-aged cleaning lady which was a family friend of my parents. Her services were a bit cheaper, but she was definitely skipping so many areas, that I am definitely happy to have called you guys instead. I always thought that it is better to work with only one cleaner and establish a good working relationship with her, but you proved to me I was wrong. I’ll call you back tomorrow to confirm our next appointment, and I have a feeling that you will hear from me quite often from now on!

Hi, this is the Trepps. We took advantage of your “25% off for new customers” discount last week. I must admit we chose you, because your services were cheaper than those of other local contractors we contacted, but I must admit you fulfilled all our requirements. Thank you sooo much, I really hate doing housework! I think you will be hearing back from us soon!
P.S. Please, send us a full spring cleaning offer for next week, whenever you get the chance. I really want to have this messy kitchen cleaned!

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