How to keep your tile floors clean and shiny

House cleaning tips and tricks for sparkling tiles

Keeping bathroom and kitchen floors at your home clean can be a real challenge for many homeowners. There are many house cleaning solutions on the market that promise amazing results, but we all know that they rarely keep these promises. So, how can we solve one of the most popular household issues? The answer is simple – use homemade tile cleaning solutions and mop the floors regularly.

Below, you have the recipe for two of the most efficient homemade tile cleaners, which will save you some money on booking a floor cleaning service:

Hot Water, Vinegar, and Lemon Juice Solution

Here’s what you need:

  • half a gallon hot water;
  • one-quarter cup of vinegar;
  • four drops of lavender oil (optional);
  • four tablespoons of lemon juice.

Preparation Instructions: Mix the water and the rest of the ingredients in a suitable bucket. Stir it well so that the ingredients mix together. Leave the mixture to sit for about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, you can sweep or vacuum the tile floors. Once you’ve removed most of the dirt, dust, and debris from your floors, it’s time to mop the area with the solution you have created.

Dip the mop into the mixture, and clean the floors. Remember to wring the mop as often as possible, and if the mixture gets dirty, consider making another bucket. Once you’re done, throw out the dirty mixture and refill your bucket with fresh water. Mop the floor area once again, and then allow it to dry properly.

Hot Water and Alcohol

Here’s what you need:

The second house cleaning homemade solution is made of half a gallon of hot water and three-quarters of a cup of rubbing alcohol. This solution works great on tiles but even better on grout. The only problem is the smell of alcohol left behind. However, that can be solved as well.

The method is pretty much the same. Mix the ingredients in a suitable bucket, and mop the tile surface. If you have stubborn stains on your grout lines, clean them by using a stiff brush dipped in the mixture. To remove the smell of alcohol, mop the entire tile floor once again, but this time using a mixture of hot water and lavender oil.

You should know that these solutions only work for lightly dirty floors. If your tile floors are really dirty or your grout lines are stained, then you may need a professional cleaning service. Luckily, you have 3 County Cleaning Springfield, located in Springfield, MA, at your service. We provide outstanding tile cleaning services at competitive rates. Call (413) 200-9021, and hire us to make your floors sparkling again!

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