What Should a Reliable House Cleaning Detergent Contain?

How to pick a cleaning service provider based on the cleaning detergents the company uses?

Very few people realize that when they are choosing the cleaning company to take care of their regular home cleaning duties they should not only consider the skills of the cleaner but also the cleaning products that he/she uses. Many cleaning contractors offer cleaning detergents as a complement to their cleaning service but only a few work with organic cleaning solutions. The reason for this is mainly the fact that industrial cleaning chemicals are a bit cheaper than green products and work faster when removing heavy-duty greasy stains.

What many contractors do not care about is that these products harm the environment and the health of the people who live in the property that was not well ventilated/aerated after the cleaning has been completed. Today, 3 County Cleaning Springfield has decided to bring your awareness to this issue by creating a short list of the signs, ingredients, and labels which a good environmentally-friendly cleaning product should include. Make sure the maids you book use such products when performing a home cleaning service for you.

A home cleaner label should include the following:

  • A third-party certified eco-label.
  • Official biodegradability designation.
  • A complete and specific ingredient list with full disclosure of chemical names.
  • Disclosure of what is inside “perfume” or “fragrance”.
  • The contact information of the company that manufactured the product and its website.

But how to get such information before you make the booking?

This is really easy, all you need to do is inform the cleaning service provider you have called, and that you have strict requirements about the cleaning products you want, and that you will check whether they are green upon the arrival of the cleaner. This will surely work, and even contractors that normally clean with chemicals will specifically buy some green products before they visit your home! If you, however, want to work with cleaners who already work with eco-detergents, you can call (413) 200-9021 and count on our team in Springfield, MA!

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